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[VIDEO] Webinar Recap: Delivering a Sustainable & Profitable Catering Experience

From the everyday challenges to the excitement of pulling off the biggest catering deliveries, Jim Rand gave the audience of our latest webinar an inside look at his experience and actionable strategies to succeed in the competitive world of catering today.


Behind every successful catering delivery lies a world of careful planning, execution, and adaptation. 

No one knows this better than Jim Rand, an industry expert who has led catering teams at major brands like Panera Bread, P.F. Chang’s, and Act III Holdings—playing a pivotal role in shaping the restaurant industry’s catering best practices. 

From the nitty-gritty of day-to-day operations to the thrill of pulling off the most detailed deliveries (even one to the White House!), Jim pulled back the curtain on the challenges and triumphs of catering operations to an audience of catering and off-premise leaders at our latest webinar.

In this recap, we’ll cover the key concepts and strategies shared by Jim that he has built and finessed over his 40+ years of catering leadership:

  • Building an Integrated Holistic Strategy: BCE
  • Knowing What Your Constituents Want: GTO
  • Execute with Excellence: SPD

You can access the full webinar recording here to dive into even more of Jim’s advice. Whether you're just starting in catering or have years under your belt, there's something in this webinar for everyone. 

Building an Integrated Holistic Strategy: Brand, BCE

To be competitive in catering, you must adopt a nuanced approach encompassing a well-rounded view of your brand’s operation. This is where the BCE framework comes into play, emphasizing three essential pillars: Brand, Execution, and Capabilities.

Brand: Offering, Differentiation, Competitive Advantage

Your brand is more than just a name or logo—it embodies your unique culinary philosophy, values, and promise to your customers. It's through carefully crafting your offering, pinpointing what sets you apart, and leveraging your competitive advantage that your brand resonates with customers and stands strong in a crowded market.

Offering: What unique products or services does your catering business provide? It’s vital to understand what sets your offering apart, whether it is a specific culinary specialty or a unique presentation style.

Differentiation: How does your catering service stand out from competitors? Differentiation can be in the form of exclusive menus, thematic catering, customization, or exceptional customer service.

Competitive Advantage: Your competitive edge could be tied to unique relationships with local suppliers, proprietary recipes, innovative technology, or a renowned culinary team. Identifying and leveraging these advantages can significantly affect the positioning of your brand.

Capabilities: Human, Physical Plant, Technical

Success in catering is a blend of people, place, and technology, all working harmoniously to create memorable experiences. Let's explore how the human element, the physical infrastructure, and the technological advancements all play a vital role in creating a catering service that stands out from the rest.

Human: This involves hiring the right talent, training them well, and fostering a culture that aligns with the brand's values. An engaged and skilled workforce is key to delivering exceptional service.

Physical Plant: From the kitchen layout to the selection of delivery vehicles, the physical aspects of the business should be aligned with the brand's goals and the nature of its services.

Technical: Leveraging the latest technologies can enhance efficiency and customer experience. This might include using an intuitive online ordering platform, investing in cutting-edge kitchen equipment, or implementing state-of-the-art delivery tracking systems.

Execution: Standards, Systems, Processes

Execution is more than just carrying out a plan; it's about delivering on your brand's promise with precision and consistency. From establishing clear standards to implementing robust systems and meticulous processes, the execution phase ensures that your culinary creations reach your customers exactly as intended, every time.

Standards: This includes quality standards for food, presentation, and service. Maintaining high standards ensures consistent experiences for customers.

Systems: Developing systematic procedures for everything from taking orders to food preparation to delivery ensures that everyone in the team knows their role, and everything functions smoothly.

Processes: Whether it's a method for addressing customer feedback or a step-by-step guide for special dietary requirements, having clear and precise processes can prevent misunderstandings and elevate customer satisfaction.

The BCE framework isn't a one-size-fits-all solution but a flexible model each brand can tailor to its unique needs and market position. By focusing on these three elements, catering businesses can build an integrated, holistic strategy that aligns with their vision and meets the evolving demands of the marketplace.

Knowing What Your Constituents Want: Guest, Team, Owner/Investor (GTO)

Understanding what your constituents want is key to success. In catering, it’s a balancing act between the needs of the owner or investor, the expectations of the guest or client, and the execution of your team. Let's break down these three crucial components – the Guest, Team, and Owner/Investor (GTO) – to see how they shape the path to growth and excellence.


Success in catering is not just about the bottom line—it's about achieving growth in all aspects of the business. The owner or investor wants a brand that resonates with clients, cultivates a loyal team, and promotes consistent growth in reputation, sales, and quality of service

Reputation: Building and maintaining a positive public image.

Guest/Client Growth: Expanding your clientele through exceptional service and marketing.

Sales Growth: Increasing sales by offering appealing options and packages.

Profit Growth: Enhancing profitability through efficient operations and cost management


Meeting your guests' or clients' needs and expectations is paramount in the catering industry. It's where your attention to detail, commitment to quality, and understanding of individual preferences come together to create unforgettable experiences

Quality: Ensuring that food, service, and presentation meet high standards.

Accuracy: Getting the orders right, from special requests to allergy considerations.

Timeliness: Delivering on time, every time, whether it's a regular meal or a special event.

Value: Providing a great experience at a fair price, balancing quality and cost.


Your team is more than just staff—they are the ambassadors of your brand and the heart and soul of your operations. Their satisfaction, alignment with your values, and understanding of their roles are crucial in delivering the experience that distinguishes your brand from the rest. This is how you should aim for their experience to be:

Planned: Clearly defined roles and expectations help your team perform at their best.

Consistent: Consistent training and support create a harmonious work environment.

Friction-Free: Open communication and problem-solving keep operations smooth.

Standards: Upholding standards ensure every team member is aligned with your brand's values and objectives.

Understanding these different constituencies and aligning your operations with their needs is the foundation of a successful catering brand. By focusing on these aspects, you create a win-win situation where the owner/investor, guest/client, and team all benefit from a well-orchestrated service.

Execute with Excellence - Sales, Production, Delivery (SPD)

Excellence in catering is a trifecta that combines effective sales strategies, flawless production, and timely delivery. These three components create a cohesive flow that ensures the guest experience is seamless from beginning to end:


Your sales strategy bridges together your brand with your clients, and plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Successful sales strategies include:

Understanding Client Needs: Actively listening to your clients' wants, and providing tailored solutions.

Building Relationships: Fostering trust through consistent communication and follow-through.

Promoting Your Unique Offering: Showcasing what sets your service apart from competitors.


The production process is where your culinary vision comes to life. It's the heart of your operation and requires careful planning and execution:

Quality Control: Ensuring that every dish meets your exacting standards.

Efficiency: Streamlining the cooking and preparation process to meet the demands of the schedule.

Collaboration: Working closely with your team to synchronize efforts and maintain quality.


The delivery phase is the final touchpoint with your client, and it's where all your hard work pays off. This moment can make or break the client's experience:

Timeliness: Getting the order to your client right when they expect it.

Presentation: Delivering the food in a way that maintains its appearance and appeal.

Customer Service: Providing a friendly and professional interface, and being ready to address any last-minute needs or concerns.

By focusing on sales, production, and delivery with an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, you ensure that each aspect of your catering operation contributes to a successful event and a satisfied client.

How Nash is Powering Catering Delivery

As we just said above, getting the catering order right is half the battle—it’s the off-premise portion, or delivery, where the entire process is make or break.

Nash is powering restaurants to make that second half of the process go off without a hitch. With a network of partnerships around the US and the world, Nash connects catering businesses with delivery service providers who meet their unique requirements.

Delivery with Nash

Specialized Services: Nash helps coordinate all types of orders, even those requiring special handling or security clearance, by working with delivery providers who can meet 

specific needs.

Simplified Process: Nash makes it easier to specify what you need, communicate with local courier services, and find and train drivers to do the job right, according to your brand standards.

Global Reach: With partnerships with delivery providers across the globe, Nash can facilitate delivery almost anywhere, ensuring a consistent and quality experience.

The greatest challenges in catering delivery today require innovative solutions, and that's where Nash's expertise truly shines. From local eateries to global franchises, Nash is revolutionizing how catering orders are handled, ensuring that quality, accuracy, and timeliness are never compromised. 

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

Catering is a complex operation that requires careful consideration of brand, execution, and capabilities. Understanding your constituents - from owners and investors to guests and your own team - is critical to success. With attention to sales, production, and delivery, catering companies can execute with excellence, particularly with the aid of specialized delivery solutions like Nash.

The key to winning in catering is a holistic approach that integrates every aspect of the business into a seamless whole. Whether you're just starting in the catering world or looking to refine your existing practices, access the insights in the full video below can help you take your catering business to new heights.

Deliver catering orders with confidence

Take control of your most complex, high-value catering orders with Nash. Tap into our global provider network for reliable delivery wherever you grow.

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Deliver catering orders with confidence

Take control of your most complex, high-value catering orders with Nash. Tap into our global provider network for reliable delivery wherever you grow.

Learn More

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