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Grocery, Creamery, and Catering

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Zach Benton, Operations Manager

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San Francisco, CA

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How Bi-Rite Family of Businesses Reaches 99.9% Catering Delivery Success and Expands to New Locations with Nash

"Expanding our delivery radius is one of the easier ways to grow the catering program, and Nash really helps with that.”

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Bi-Rite Family of Businesses is known for its incredibly delicious, responsibly produced food, warm community, and rich history. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and community, Bi-Rite offers a unique and personalized touch to all parts of the business.

As a company guided by their mission of “Creating Community Through Food,” the whole team strives to treat everyone who walks through their doors as a guest in their own home.

An example of Bi-Rite Catering. "We're passionate about sharing the best tasting food, that’s also good for our earth and our community, with as many people as we can reach.

The Challenges

Unique Businesses Need Unique Solutions

Zach Benton, Operations Manager at Bi-Rite, found that the team was caught between two options when it came to delivery services: using nationwide gig fleets, which didn't always work for their specific needs and catering services, or working with local delivery providers, which meant managing multiple delivery platforms.

Bi-Rite wanted a full-service solution that would allow the team to manage all deliveries in one place while still having control over the feedback and service.

"We wanted to be more in control of and have visibility into each of those deliveries, how they're going, and provide driver feedback directly in the platform.”

Maintaining the Bi-Rite Standards

Bi-Rite prides itself on its commitment to sustainable and local sourcing, as well as exceptional customer service. Finding a delivery solution that meets their high standards was crucial. Bi-Rite needed to ensure that their deliveries aligned with their service mission of making every customer feel like a guest in their home, even for deliveries. Bi-Rite’s delivery drivers needed to be as reliable and friendly as any other Bi-Rite employee.

“What separates Bi-Rite Catering and defines us is quality, of both ingredients and experience.”

Catering Delivery Experts are Tricky to Find

Catering delivery services require specific expertise, which can make finding knowledgeable providers a challenge. Catering is often a white-glove, high touch service that requires extensive attention to detail. There are many components to a great catering delivery: from curated pickup to food setup and presentation to customer interaction and more.

Not only did Bi-Rite need to find providers who met this criteria, but they needed an all-in-one delivery management platform that could accommodate different delivery times, delivery locations, and order sizes. By finding a delivery solution that catered to their needs, Bi-Rite could ensure their catering service maintained the high standards customers have come to expect.

"The challenges we were having with delivery is that we were stuck in this middle space, and it didn't seem like any platform or courier could or really would help us solve the challenges."

How Nash Delivered

After exploring other delivery options, Bi-Rite decided to partner with Nash, an all-in-one delivery platform, to streamline their delivery management process.

Nash was able to offer what other advanced delivery platforms couldn’t without heavy technical requirements: the simple ability to directly import catering order data to schedule deliveries in advance. With this solution, Bi-Rite is able to manage all delivery operations, support requests, and triaging on a singular platform–all with help from Nash’s top-tier support team.

Together, they handpicked the providers that were the best fit for all of Bi-Rite’s needs, trained those preferred providers on Bi-Rite's values and service expectations, and set up dispatch strategies to ensure that deliveries were error-proof and every delivery would have an available provider.

Bi-Rite & Nash in Numbers

99.9% Average delivery completion

400+ Monthly dropoff locations

The Results

Creating (and Expanding) Community

Since partnering with Nash, the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses has expanded its Catering delivery radius to other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area that were previously inaccessible, which allows them to share the incredible food from their farmers and producers with a wider customer base in the surrounding areas.

"Nash has made it super easy for us to expand our delivery range, even across bridges in a challenging city like San Francisco, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business without worrying about delivery reliability and scalability."

Local Economy Empowerment

As Bi-Rite was beginning to partner with Nash, a consistent and preferred provider quickly grew their delivery volume by providing excellent service to Bi-Rite’s Catering  customers. After onboarding as a solo driver onto the Nash platform at Bi-Rite’s suggestion, this driver was able to start and scale his own delivery business—Peng and Beyond— and add six additional drivers and a van to his fleet.

This partnership not only improved the efficiency of Bi-Rite's Catering delivery service, but also reinforced their value of supporting local businesses and giving this driver the opportunity to succeed.

“Nash made it so much easier to have a direct relationship with exceptional couriers on an ongoing basis.”

More Time to Focus on Growth

By using Nash for delivery management, Bi-Rite has saved a significant amount of time, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. Because of the streamlined nature of the delivery management system, Bi-Rite has shifted its  focus to things like expansion, product development, holiday deliveries, and more.

"I think the biggest value is time savings.”

Providers That Deliver on the Bi-Rite Mission

By partnering with Nash, Bi-Rite has found high-quality delivery providers that offer consistency and transparency, ensuring a positive experience for their customers. By connecting with these delivery providers via Nash, Bi-Rite has saved time and resources while maintaining their service mission.

“Our guests often say they didn’t know delivery could be this good and could go so smoothly. Even down to personalized touches like customizable text messages at different points in the delivery. We're more closely connected directly to our guests thanks to our great partnership with Nash in the middle.”

"[The partnership with Nash] allows us to grow the catering business, with a set of providers and drivers who really just operate at a higher level."

Take Control of Your Delivery Operations

By leveraging the Nash platform, Bi-Rite has been able to streamline their delivery processes, expand their catering reach, and maintain their commitment to quality and community. Bi-Rite and Nash are continuing to grow their partnership.

If you're looking to solve your business's delivery challenges and fuel growth, explore the benefits of Nash's delivery orchestration and platform. Book a personalized demo with our team.

Deliver catering orders with confidence

Take control of your most complex, high-value catering orders with Nash. Tap into our global provider network for reliable delivery wherever you grow.

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Deliver catering orders with confidence

Take control of your most complex, high-value catering orders with Nash. Tap into our global provider network for reliable delivery wherever you grow.

Learn More

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