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The Shopify Merchant's Guide to Promoting Your Local Delivery Service [+ Free Templates]

Promote your Shopify store's local delivery options—whether that's on-demand, same-day or next-day delivery—effectively with these proven marketing strategies.

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So you've enabled local delivery for your Shopify store—now it’s time to (literally) meet your customers where they are.

But let's be honest, simply offering local delivery won't suddenly skyrocket your sales overnight. Your customers need to know it's available, understand how it benefits them, see how simple and convenient it is, and that it won’t burn a hole through their wallets.

This is where effective promotion and communications come in. Whether you're a seasoned merchant or just starting up your store, marketing your local delivery service is essential to maximizing its potential and helping you make the most out of this feature that will set you apart from the pack. 

In this guide, we'll explore strategies for spreading the word about your new local delivery option. Plus, we'll provide you with actionable templates you can use right now to get the word out. Trust us: promoting local delivery is easier than you think, and we're here to guide you through it.

Before we launch into it, have you enabled local delivery for your Shopify store?

If not, here’s an option: With Nash’s all-in-one local delivery app for Shopify Stores, you can get the same local delivery platform that powers deliveries for thousands of large retailers and restaurants across the globe, packaged up for your Shopify stores. 

That means skipping hiring your own drivers (or if you already have them, you can onboard them easily) with direct access to Nash’s global network of hundreds of delivery providers, including Uber and Roadie, plus best-in-class features around live-tracking, SMS notifications, delivery and pickup workflows, and more. Check us out on the app store now.

The Best Ways to Promote Local Delivery on Shopify

1. Create a Promotional Offer

The goal is simple: get your customers excited to try your local delivery service. But how do you accomplish this without confusing or overwhelming them? Our advice? Keep it simple and make it attractive.

Offer a No-Hassle Incentive

Offering free local delivery for orders over a certain amount is a no-brainer. It's an easy-to-understand offer that encourages customers to buy more than they might have planned. There’s no need for complicated promo codes or eligibility requirements; the discount applies automatically once the shopping cart reaches the magic number.

You might be wondering what that specific amount is for your store. The amount should encourage a higher cart value: a certain threshold could nudge customers to add one or two more items to their cart to qualify for free delivery, thus increasing your average order value. It should also cover costs—the expense of offering free local delivery is easily offset by the higher sales volume and customer goodwill you're likely to generate.

Another thing to consider is the specifics of your local delivery. How do you have it set up? For example, is on-demand delivery a realistic benefit that you have in your pocket? Or is it same-day or next-day only? Be as specific as possible so customers know what to expect.

Now, how do you make your customers aware of this fantastic offer?

Countdown Timer: Consider adding a countdown timer to your online store, highlighting when this limited-time offer will expire. It adds a sense of urgency that encourages quick action.

Shopping Cart Reminder: Implement a simple reminder in the shopping cart that pops up when a customer is close to the amount needed for free local delivery, nudging them to add more to their cart.

Spread the Word:

A promotional offer is only good if people know about it. We'll talk more about communication channels below, but make sure this promotion is front and center in all your marketing collateral.

Keeping It Fresh

Don't just set it and forget it. Monitor how the promotion is impacting your sales and consider tweaking it. Maybe you'll find that $25 less is the real sweet spot, or you'll need seasonal variations of this promotion.

The Simplicity Factor

In the age of information overload, a straightforward promotion like this can be a breath of fresh air. Your customers will appreciate the uncomplicated, straightforward deal, and you’ll appreciate the bump in your average cart value and customer satisfaction.

2. Reach out to Existing Customers via Email & SMS

Your existing customers are your goldmine. They already like what you offer, so informing them about your new local delivery service can lead to quick wins. But how you communicate with them can make a significant difference. Here, we will discuss the 'Why' and 'How' of using both Email and SMS for this purpose.


Email is one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich platforms out there. It allows you the space to share a detailed announcement, create anticipation, and even segment your audience to deliver the most targeted message possible. Here are some tips for maximizing impact:

Personalization: Use customer data to personalize emails. A greeting with the customer's first name can make the email more personal and engaging.

Strong Call-to-Action (CTA): Don’t forget to include a powerful CTA to direct your customer to take advantage of the new local delivery service.

Visuals: Add a few compelling images that complement the offer; maybe even add a GIF for a playful touch. We love using Giphy for fun animated graphics!

Here’s an easy template you can use:

Subject: Big News! Now Offering Free Same-Day Local Delivery for Orders Over $50 🚚
Hi [Customer’s Name],
We're excited to announce that we now offer free local delivery for all orders over $50! That means you can enjoy [Your Product] without stepping out of your home or waiting days for shipping if you’re nearby.
[Insert an engaging image or GIF]
Here's how it works:
1. Add items to your cart.
2. Make sure your cart totals at least $50.
3. Choose the "Local Delivery" option at checkout.
4. Sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive!

Note that this offer is only eligible to customers in the {Your City & State} area, within a 20-mile radius of our store located at/in {Your City & State}.
Looking forward to serving you soon!
[Your Store Name]

SMS / Text Messages

SMS is virtually instantaneous, making it perfect for urgent or time-sensitive announcements. With an open rate of nearly 98%, SMS can ensure your message reaches your customer. Here's how to make your message standout:

Be Brief: You have limited characters, so get to the point quickly.

Time it Right: Send the SMS when your customers are most likely active.

Include a Link: A short link directing them to your website or promotional landing page can be invaluable.

Here’s a sample text you can fire off to your customers:

Hi [Customer’s Name], great news! [Your Store] now offers FREE local delivery on orders over $50. Tap here to start shopping: [Short Link]

Using email and SMS will ensure you inform your customers about your new local delivery service and encourage them to take immediate action. Remember, the key is to be clear and concise while providing all the necessary information.

3. Share the Offer on Social Media

Social media is more than just a space for sharing memes and catching up with friends. It's a powerful tool that allows businesses to reach an expansive audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent for engagement and reach. These platforms offer built-in analytics tools, so you can easily track your promotions' effectiveness in real-time.

Strategies for Effective Sharing

To make the most of your social media posts, don't just share and forget. Here are some strategies you can employ:

Scheduled Posts: Use scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to plan your posts for times when your audience will most likely be online.

Engaging Content: Make your posts stand out with eye-catching images or videos. For example, you could create a short, engaging video that shows how easy it is to select the local delivery option.

Use of Hashtags and Mentions: Incorporate relevant hashtags to broaden your post’s reach. You can also mention or tag related local businesses or influencers to increase your post’s visibility.

Leverage Stories and Highlights: On platforms like Instagram, you can use the 'Stories' feature for temporary posts that are highly visible. You can also create a 'Highlight' to stay on your profile longer, keeping the promotion in sight.

Paid Promotions: You might consider using paid ads to further your promotion. Even a small budget can make a difference if you target it well.

Example Posts

Here's how you could phrase your promotions on different platforms:


"Exciting news! We now offer FREE local delivery on orders over $50. No more shipping fees, just convenient, fast delivery."


Use an image or video of a delivery truck or scooter with a caption like, “Your favorite products delivered to your doorstep for FREE! Valid on orders over $50. #ShopLocal”


"Great news! We're now offering free local delivery on all orders over $50. No promo codes, just straight-up convenience. #ShopLocal"

Remember, this shouldn't be a one-off thing. Keep your audience engaged by regularly updating them on your local delivery service. Share customer testimonials, give behind-the-scenes glimpses into your delivery process, and continually remind people of the benefits they gain by taking advantage of your local delivery service.

4. Stamp it Across Your Website

Your website is more than just an online storefront; it's your virtual billboard. Make full use of this space to announce and promote your new local delivery service. Here’s how:

Homepage Banner

The homepage is often the first thing visitors see, making it prime real estate for important announcements. Add a bold, eye-catching banner at the top or middle of your homepage. Make sure it's mobile-friendly since many people shop from their phones.

Text Ideas:

"New! Get FREE Local Next Day Delivery on Orders Over $50!"

FAQ Section

Customers often look to the FAQ section for details about shipping, returns, and now—local delivery. You’ll want to create a new section or question in your existing FAQ page that details your local delivery service.


Q: Do you offer local delivery?
A: Yes! We offer free local delivery for orders over $50 within a 20-mile radius of our store. Just select 'Local Delivery' at checkout!

Cart Page

This is the moment of truth—the final step before a purchase. You can use this space to nudge the customer towards choosing local delivery.

How to Implement:

Most local delivery apps, like Nash, add a widget to the cart page of your store. This widget prompts the customer to select a delivery method, like shipping, pickup, or local delivery. From there, they can select a delivery date and time and add special notes or instructions to the order. When they go to checkout, all that info will be passed through to the final total, making for a smooth process.

In the case of promotion, you’ll want to add a body of text just above that widget to entice them to choose the local delivery option.

Text Ideas

"Get your items straight to your door! Free local delivery for orders over $50."

By effectively using your website to promote your local delivery service, you're making it nearly impossible for visitors to miss this awesome new feature. And because the promotion is baked into the customer's shopping journey, from the homepage to checkout, you're likely to see a higher uptake.

5. Leverage In-Store Displays

Work out of a physical store? You’re in luck. A store isn't just a place to sell products; it's a powerful advertising platform. Customers walking through your doors are already interested in your brand. Let's capitalize on that by ensuring they know about your new local delivery service, which could make their lives easier and your business more profitable.

Intriguing Banners

Place banners at strategic points around the store—near the entrance, around popular products, and certainly near the checkout counter. These banners should clearly state the basics: "Now Offering Free Local Delivery on Orders Over $50." Incorporate your brand colors and any associated graphics to make it visually cohesive with your brand.

Flyers at the Register

Never underestimate the power of a takeaway. Create small flyers or postcards summarizing the delivery service, how it works, and the benefits. Place these at your cash registers or in shopping bags as customers check out.

Staff Training

Your in-store staff can be your biggest advocates. Brief them on all the details so they can engage with customers and pitch the service in a friendly, organic way. Staff can mention the new service when preparing a sale or answering questions about product availability.

Window Decals

Consider adding decals to the store windows facing the street. Passersby may be intrigued and inquire further, or existing customers might see it and think to use the service next time they're shopping from home.

In-Store Digital Screens

If your store has digital screens for promotions, include slides or videos promoting your local delivery service. Highlight key benefits like convenience, speed, and the promotional offer to encourage sign-ups.

Design Tips

Creating professional-looking materials is easier than you think. Websites like Canva and Adobe Express offer a range of templates designed for retail promotions. You can easily customize these templates with your specific text, brand colors, and logo.

By using these in-store promotion strategies, you're not only getting the word out effectively, but you're also creating multiple touchpoints that reinforce the message. It’s a dynamic way to inform, remind, and encourage customers to try your new local delivery service. And the best part? You can do most of this without breaking the bank.

Stand out with local delivery 

Local delivery is more than just convenience—it's a way to connect with your community, elevate your customer service, and stand apart from competitors. But having the service is only half the battle. Promoting it effectively is what drives success.

Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your promotional activities, make tweaks as needed, and don't be afraid to try new approaches. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

And suppose you’re still searching for that perfect delivery app for your store. In that case, we recommend looking at our app to handle not only local delivery, but pickup as well (which can be another promotion opportunity in itself!) 

Good luck growing your local delivery orders!

Unlock local retail delivery

Meet the moment with on-demand or same-day delivery to your customers directly from your store or warehouse.

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Unlock local retail delivery

Meet the moment with on-demand or same-day delivery to your customers directly from your store or warehouse.

Learn More

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