Build & scale local grocery delivery

Grocery stores and specialty food markets of all sizes use Nash to connect to 500+ delivery providers and manage delivery operations all in one place.

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Delivery Providers
Coverage in U.S. and Canada
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"The team at Nash is awesome and their easy to use platform gives us access to local delivery drivers. With Nash, we can find and reach more customers that we love!"

Each Peach Market

Grocery store for locally sourced produce and food based in Washington, D.C.

Offer your shoppers the convenience of reliable,
local grocery delivery

Whether you’re a speciality food market or a supermarket chain, you can use Nash to deliver on-demand or scheduled orders to customers, no matter where they are.
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Your all-in-one delivery platform,
built for reliability

Whether it's special care for your catering deliveries or delivering to dozens of homes
at once, Nash is built to make sure every delivery is a success.

May no order go undelivered

If a driver cancels or if it’s getting
a bit too close to pick-up time, your delivery is automatically reassigned to the next best provider.

Stop chasing
down refunds

Nash handles all refund requests and reconciliations with delivery providers on your behalf.

Save time with
smart routing

Automatically batch routes based on drop-off locations, saving drivers time and enabling multiple deliveries at once.

24/7 Customer

Nash monitors and sorts scheduled and dispatched deliveries on your behalf, making sure your customers are 100% satisfied.

Keep your own
trusted drivers

Deliver with your internal drivers when they're available, automatically asign backups when they're not.

Use only the drivers
that fit your needs

With Nash, you can choose to block drivers who don’t meet your expectations from future deliveries.

Optimize for success with custom delivery strategies

Depending on each order type, you can set multiple delivery strategies to automatically dispatch your orders to the most reliable or lowest cost delivery provider.

If your first choice isn't available, then the delivery automatically reassigns to the second ranked provider.

Make delivery
your growth engine.

Take control of your delivery experience with features designed to drive profitability, scalability, and customer loyalty.

Built for Expansion

Reach more customers by delivering farther and from locations instantly with 94% driver coverage across the U.S. and Canada.

White-labeled API

Implement Nash seamlessly into your existing ordering system and website to keep your brand center-stage.

No Lock-Ins
or Extra Fees

Free yourself from exclusive SLAs and stop paying tacked-on commission fees.

Unlock Customer Marketing

Get customers to opt-in to SMS messaging directly from your brand with order tracking.
Image of a client picking up his orderImage of a client picking up his order

Deliver large orders with confidence.

Whether you need experience, equipment, or a vehicle that can keep enough food refrigerated, you can make it happen with customized workflows.

Start delivering better today