The easiest way
for marketplaces
to deliver

With 500+ delivery providers and a centralized delivery orchestration platform, marketplaces can power delivery for all their service providers in one place.

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With 94% delivery coverage
across the U.S. and Canada, Nash unlocks delivery coverage for all your service providers with a single integration.

"Nash has played an integral role in Sharebite's rapid growth helping us expand our delivery operations across the country and maintain our industry leading SLA. We're thrilled to be working with an innovative partner like Nash to help us continue growing."

Humair Aslam

Head of Growth at Sharebite, Catering Marketplace

Centralize your
marketplace delivery

Dispatch all your deliveries in one place and tap into Nash’s delivery network of 500+ providers to enhance your marketplace’s delivery services.
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Your all-in-one platform, built for reliability

Nash’s delivery orchestration platform makes it easy for any business to expand and control delivery operations through a single integration. Our features are built to make sure every placed order arrives on time and as ordered.

May no order go undelivered

If a driver cancels or if it’s getting
a bit too close to pick-up time, the delivery is automatically reassigned to the next best provider.

Stop chasing
down refunds

Nash handles all refund requests and reconciliations with delivery providers on your behalf.

Easily integrates with
any tech stack

WIth a single integration through our API, Nash will instantly enable delivery for any new service provider as soon as they join your marketplace.

24/7 Customer

Nash monitors and sorts scheduled and dispatched deliveries on your behalf, making sure your customers are 100% satisfied.

trusted drivers

If there’s a fleet you love working with, Nash can easily onboard them and keep them prioritized for your deliveries.

Extend overflow capacity

Successfully deliver overflow orders by dispatching to any available third-party provider.

Optimize for success with custom delivery strategies

With Nash, you can customize which delivery fleets get dispatched based on location, price or service provider.

If your first choice is unavailable, the order will automatically get reassigned to the next ranked option.

Make delivery your marketplace’s growth engine.

Nash manages the complexity of sourcing, negotiating, and onboarding of hundreds of delivery fleets—all so you don’t have to.

Build a delightful delivery experience with features designed to drive profitability, scalability, and customer loyalty.

Built for Expansion

Reach more customers by delivering farther and from locations instantly with 94% driver coverage across the U.S. and Canada

White-labeled API

Implement Nash seamlessly into your existing ordering system and website to keep your brand center-stage

No Lock-Ins
or Extra Fees

Free yourself from exclusive SLAs and stop paying tacked-on commission fees

SMS Messaging

Get customers to opt-in to SMS messaging directly from your brand with order tracking
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Deliver special
or large orders
with confidence.

Marketplaces can use Nash to simplify even the most complex deliveries—like orders from multiple service providers at once or orders that require specialized fleets or vehicles

Start delivering better today