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Meal kit and pre-prepared food companies of all sizes use Nash to connect to 500+ delivery providers and manage their delivery operations all in one place.

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Delight your customers with only the freshest meals and ingredients with local delivery powered by Nash’s network of 500+ providers.

The most reliable delivery platform for meal delivery

Think of Nash as the perfect recipe for meal delivery: simple and with all the ingredients needed to make sure every order is a success.

May no order go undelivered

If a driver cancels or if it’s getting
a bit too close to pick-up time, your delivery is automatically reassigned to the next best provider.

Stop chasing
down refunds

Nash handles all refund requests and reconciliations with delivery providers on your behalf.

repeat deliveries

Schedule orders in advance, and even set them to repeat for your most valued subscribing customers

24/7 Customer

Nash monitors and sorts scheduled and dispatched deliveries on your behalf, making sure your customers are 100% satisfied.

Save time with
smart routing

Program smart batched routes to deliver to multiple customers at once, or set point-to-point dropoffs.

Use only the drivers
that fit your needs

With Nash, you can choose to not use fleets or drivers that don’t meet your expectations from future deliveries.

Optimize for success with custom delivery strategies

With Nash, you can customize which delivery fleets get dispatched based on priority, lowest cost or customized routes.

Make delivery your bread & butter.

Nash manages the complexity of sourcing, negotiating, and onboarding of hundreds of delivery fleets—all so you don’t have to.

Build a delightful delivery experience with features designed to drive profitability, scalability, and customer loyalty.

Built for Expansion

Reach more customers by delivering farther and from locations instantly with 94% driver coverage across the U.S. and Canada

White-labeled API

Implement Nash seamlessly into your existing ordering system and website to keep your brand center-stage

No Lock-Ins
or Extra Fees

Free yourself from exclusive SLAs and stop paying tacked-on commission fees

Customize for quality

Depending on your needs, you can select specialized vehicles—like refrigerated vans—to deliver your meals.
Success Stories

Thistle uses Nash
to outsource their deliveries

Thistle is a healthy meal kit company that wanted to outsource deliveries to a third-party while balancing with their internal fleet (on OnFleet).
Image of a plate of salad


Thistle initially started contracting with individual courier services but faced challenges as they scaled.
Driver no-shows were too common - 20-25% driver no-show rate
Training Delays  - Couriers didn't have proper instructions, and were delayed at individual stops (80-90% OTIF).
Unscalable - Courier quality tapered off after 5-10 routes, increased no-show and lower OTIF rates with scale.


Orchestration through nash improved these pain points:
Built in Redundancies - Made possible by using multiple fleets to provide backups and pre-empt callouts
Established standard operating procedures - Written and enforced for every fleet (e.g, instructions to limit time per stop)
Implemented a ramp per fleet - and staggered new starts to limit fleets otherwise prone to over-extension

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