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About the program:

Take control of your restaurant's catering operations with Nash's Catering Logistics Insights Program.

Nash is partnering with up to 15 restaurant brands to provide a free comprehensive report with deep operational analysis and actionable insights on your catering logistics. Our team of experts will dive deep into your current operations, identify efficiency gaps, and offer tailored strategies to enhance customer experience and optimize resources.

This is a great opportunity to take a look at costs and time spent on catering operations, and where significant improvements can be made as you head into 2024.

What we'll dive into:

Cost Management: The financial impact of late or non-delivered orders. This assessment concentrates on how these issues affect your revenue and operational time, providing insights into potential cost-saving measures.

Operational Efficiency: The current state of your driver scheduling and dispatch processes. Our goal is to identify areas where streamlining could free up resources for more crucial business functions.

Reliability and Customer Service: How well your current operations handles delivery tracking and customer communications. We focus on their effectiveness in minimizing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Application Criteria:

*You must be a restaurant brand with 20+ locations and have a catering program

*We pre-select and formally invite a select number of brands to the program. Those who are invited to the program get first right of refusal.

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